AC distribution box (ACDB) provides protection in Load AC side during failures. ACDB consist of isolators, breaker,voltage and current monitoring etc. It have provision for surge protection also inside along with fuses to ensure maximum protection to the sophisticated electronic equipment. The main purpose of the  ACDB Box is to eliminate the operation of the load at the immediate PCU O/P end and also provide flexible operation of different loads like Street lights, general home or office lights and optional loads that optionally operated (On/Off)..ACCB is used in place of ACDB in large solar PV power plants where there are several inverters. ACCBs have one MCCB for each inverter and one master MCCB at the outgoing side. Almost all features and options that are available with ACDB are also available in ACCBs. ACCBs are normally used in grid tied / grid connected/ on-grid solar power plants.

Array Junction Box  help you to know how much energy you are using or withdrawing from the solar power plant. DCDB/AJB is used to protect the system if there is any fault during failure in DC side.(It can be batteries or Solar Panels ) It a important part of SPV system as there should be adequate protection in DC side. The DCDB/AJB consist of  isolator/Breaker to switch off the system during fault, there is a meter which tells you exact PV  voltage and current you are getting. It also have surge protection to save your system from any surges occurred due to fault or other phenomenon such as lighting etc.

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  • Specifications of ACDB

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