Today we are living in an eco system which is getting exploited day by day due to globalization and vast industrialization.

Though the automobile sector is helping the growth of industrialization, it is also becoming a major cause of carbon emission and is one of major threat to deal with for all.

All over the world; to cut down carbon emission, every country has started giving emphasize on use of Electric Vehicles . These vehicles will store & utilize electrical energy harvested from alternate sources of electricity in rechargeable batteries.

These batteries need charging stations like conventional Gasoline /petrol pumps. User would also get set of charged batteries replaced at these stations .

As we are moving towards grid parity; price of electricity is becoming cheaper day by day , use of electricity as fuel for all kind of automobiles is not a dream anymore.

These battery charging stations will also have user friendly human machine interface , multiple cashless digital payment gateway interfaces using Cloud computing platform like e wallet, credit/debit card to facilitate seamless transaction experience for end users and are an attractive business opportunity for potential enterproners in near future.

Looking at above scenarios electrical vehicle manufacturers are working on large scale to implement model of own network of franchisees and dealers to lure both investors & end users.

We have developed our indigenous product with state of the art features to cater to need of business world.

We have done pioneering work in the field of solar chargers for electrical vehicles which provide variable voltage / variable current output that will be available in both AC and DC type variants to match to the requirements of variants of designs of vehicle manufacturers .

These chargers are also available in single / two vehicle or three vehicle configurations.

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