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This is to certify that, we are using the Enertech Make On - Line UPS 50KVA - 02 Nos., 25KVA - 06 Nos. & 15KVA - 02 Nos. at our Pune office since 2003 and it is working absolutely fine without any problems. The performance of the UPS is world class and up to our satisfaction.

Tata Johnson Controls

We have installed Enertech's 12.5KVA/240VDC Solar PCU in Panchayat Samiti, Ahmednagar. Enertech's PCU is well designed, simple and easy to use. Any person without any technical knowledge can handle these products. I am very happy with the service provided by Enertech and energy saving got after installing Enertech's PCU.

Mandar Daftarkar,

Your timely response and prompt action to the service request was outstanding and remarkable. Also, we would like to appreciate Mr. Shashank and his fault rectification skills. We BBL Energy wishes, All the very best and Good luck to Team Enertech !!!

jbbCompany Director
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