Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

The ever-degrading conditions of the environment and the constant shifts in the global climate finally brought a change in the way industries are running these days. Business houses, industrialists, FGCG manufacturers, etc. are now favoring economic, greener and renewable forms of meeting their energy requirements. Facing challenges head-on and dissecting the hurdles to make room for innovative technologies is a new way. Enertech UPS Pvt. Ltd. is based in Pune. They are one of the leading solar inverter manufacturers in India. The company is known for their holistic approach to renewable energy resources and technology that assists in reducing industrial carbon footprint. The company made it their motto to innovate, design and develop products for conserving what is left of the environment.

The workforce of the company consists of skilled technicians, engineers, and designers who worked tirelessly in coming up with their latest range of solar charge controller. The company extends their expertise and assures their clients of timely, on-site installation of their products. The company has been serving the needs of their clients spread all over India. They have been able to serve the needs of over 8000 plus satisfied customers who consider the company as one of the leading solar inverter manufacturers in India. Enertech is a company that strives to be always in-sync with the changing trends in technology and the market. They recently upgraded their manufacturing equipment to bring the company up-to-speed with the global technological advancements. They have a reputation for being a customer-friendly firm who are committed to their trade.

The company went the extra mile and put together a dedicated Research & Development wing. The sole purpose of this investment was to make sure that the company is future-proof and ready to take on challenging projects in the future. The R&D wing makes sure that the current products are free from technical flaws and market ready. The wing is also responsible for coming up with innovative product ideas. They recently launched their updated MPPT solar charge controller. It is not only a revamped version of its predecessor but also boasts of higher efficiency rate.

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