Innovative Solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In a world with exponentially increasing population and their increasing needs and booming lifestyle choices, an ever-increasing requirement of energy resources to provide for them is sure to run out of stock sooner or later. Fuel, like petrol, diesel, or crude oil, electricity, and natural resources like coal and wood have been running our world so long, but energy resources are stipulated and with increasing demand that day is not far away when our limited resource banks shall become depleted and there shall be no fuel to drive the machinery that provides for our needs. In order to avert such situations, we have to start early and make preparations so that awareness is created and the initiatives are endorsed by masses. Only when initiatives are endorsed by masses then only can the idea become successful and bring about a revolution. a revolution to change the approach towards consumption of energy. For example, a car runs on fuel, petrol or diesel. In a fast-paced world where buying cars have become more affordable, fuel consumed by cars not only is proportional to the distance the car runs or is stuck but also responsible for automobile emissions which pose a threat to the environment. With the convenience economically and infrastructurally in owning a car, if a family has 4 working members, 4 of them depart for work in their individual vehicles. This also a major threat that is looming over the critical issue of conservation of energy resources as well as the environment. In the recent times, lifestyle choices and the necessity to splurge in order to make a lifestyle statement has proved to be very costly, because we are doing so at the cost of our depleting ozone layer which protects the planet in a safety cocoon. 

Now alternatively criticism is not going be a solution to end our depleting energy resource woes or help in restoring the environment. Enertech UPS has come out with a novel solution to our depleting energy resources. Electric vehicles and automobiles are the way forward to keep our machinery running, while conserving the environment, consuming lesser fuel and all this without compromising on one's lifestyle choices. However the moment we start embracing the idea of electric automobiles as the medium of transport for the future, what pushes us to a backfoot is, like petrol pumps, would there be electric car charging stations at close proximity for public service at close intervals? Would there be user-friendly electric vehicle charging facilities that are portable too and electricity efficient as well? This is a circular cycle;availability of enough facilities for electric vehicle charging is dependent on the flow of electric vehicles in the consumer market. If there are enough electric vehicles to dominate the majority of vehicles plying on the road, the electric vehicle owners would be worthy of manufacturer's primary attention as their opinions would influence the market. This is where the catch lies, if the electric vehicles were to consume electricity directly, instead of depleting our fuel resources we would be depleting our electricity resources. Hence the electricity that would be powering the vehicles to the motion would be alternate sources of energy stored in batteries that can be refurbished time and again by simply connecting it to an energy source. 

Enertech UPS has devised a unique system of providing a backup solution to the dilemma of abundant availability of charging points, with a unique solution. Just like a desktop computer was fitted with a backup UPS in order to ensure that in case of power cuts, the computer doesn’t crash and while connected to the UPS, receives back up power stored in the UPS. Similarly to make the idea of electric vehicles more plausible, we suggest the usage of a UPS which can be connected to the vehicle at all times for a continuous power supply and backup while plying the vehicle on the road. The innovative aspect of this solution is, the UPS unlike the desktop computer UPS doesn’t need to be connected to an electric supply to be refurbished with charged. It has an inbuilt solar panel which ensures the UPS is charged on the go while at the same time. To add to the mix, these chargers, ingenuity in the field of innovation by itself are configured to adapt to variable voltage or variable current outputs and are designed to be available in DC voltage as well as AC voltage. Variants too. These are available to be customized for two-wheelers three-wheelers as well automobiles. These innovative car batteries apart from being solar powered also is very compact sleek and portable, with a digital dashboard that displays the essential statistics pertaining to the vehicle and the storage system. This electric vehicle charger from the house of Enertech UPS can also double up as your very personal electric vehicle charging station, and save you the trouble of finding an electric vehicle charging station or electric vehicle charging manufacturing companies. Built with a control panel and a smart operating system, it has colour coded buttons for a simple operation that will allow the electric vehicle charging station to be operated by a child or even a technology non-friendly individual. With Enertech UPS Systems, be ready to embrace change and align yourself with the technology of the future, because change is the only constant. Whatever we sow into the universe through our deeds, the universe returns it back to us manifold. So it’s high time we display awareness and concern for eroding ozone layer and adulterated environment and reflected the same in our actions by adopting electric vehicles. This way we can expect to conserve the environment from further damage and in course of time expect the ozone layer to repair itself with gradually lessening volumes of carbon emission and restore the environment back to normalcy. Be a part of the change with Enertech UPS systems and usher in a safer future for generations to come.

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