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Industrial Battery Charger (FCBC)

Cutting Edge Features:
Range 48V/110V/220V-800V upto 1000A
Phase 1 Phase and 3 Phase
Display DSP based design
Isolation Transformer based for complete DC isolation
Technology IGBT/SCR with H-bridge design
Drawing Ready documents for SLD, GA, BOM & schematic
Indication LCD display for easy recording & accuracy
Control MODBUS control for handshaking
DC Charger Paralleling of DC chargers
Monitoring Remote monitoring using GSM/RS-485

Enertech Industrial battery chargers are used for charging large quantity of  battery banks and also provide DC output to the load. Enertech offers DC power systems which use for single phase & three phase of SCR type and also IGBT technology offering high input PF and a greater efficiency.

Float cum boost chargers(FCBC) ensure that the charger supplies DC load automatically. A float cum boost charger(FCBC) is functionally equipped with two operating modes:

  • A Float Mode
  • A Boost Mode & also current controlled type.
  • 48V/110V/220V-800V up to 1000A
  • Automatic switches from Float to Boost mode and Boost to Float mode
  • Transformer based for complete DC isolation
  • Efficiency better than 75% at nominal input and output from 50% to 100% load
  • LCD display for easy recording & accuracy
  • Remote monitoring using GSM/RS-485

Battery DC 48V/ 110V up to 1000A
Timer Timer setting 0 to 12hr. For boost charging time.
Regulation Battery Phase ± 1%
Ripple < 3% rms
Efficiency > 75% at Full Load
Rectifier PFC base IGBT rectifier Metering Indication, Protection
Low Noise Less than or equal to 60 db (a) (standard) at 1.0 mtr. Above
Indications 1.   Mains ON

2.   Battery Charger ON.

3.   Float

4.   Boost

5.   Phase Fail/Reverse

6. Charger over temp.

Metering 1.   Input AC Voltage 3ph digital.

2.   Output DC Voltage

3.   Output DC Current

Protections 1.   Mains Phase Fail / Phase Reversal

2.   Battery Current Limit.

3.   Emergency stop.

4.   Charger over temp.

Protection Class IP­20
Operating Temperature 0 to 50oC.
Humidity 95 % Non condensing
Altitude Up to 1000m above sea level.

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