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The threat of global warming has been haunting us for a long time and people are trying their best to go green. If your organisation is on a mission to promote a green life idea, then LED tubelights are a good choice. With low energy consumption, low heat and no infrared and ultraviolet radiations LED tube lights are ideal for commercial and office use. Enertech India offers LED lights that give equivalent light output similar to the traditional fluorescent tube lights. Enertech’s 42L-C-4 PowerLED Tube light is preferred for its low cost, long life and as a perfect replacement for an existing T-8 fluorescent tube lights.

These lights are designed in such a way that you can directly replace the existing tube lights or strips. After removing the starter and shorting the existing electromagnetic choke/ballast terminals you can fit in your LED tube lights.

The 42L-C-4 PowerLED tube lights are especially for industrial or factory lighting purpose. So as to comply with the industrial lighting demands, Enertech’s LED tube lights have been designed with high illumination power and a life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. These lights do not use small chip LEDs and additionally our LED lights are characterised by a low initial investment requirement while giving the same light output like popular fluorescent lights.

The 42L-C-4 PowerLEDs are indigenously manufactured and supplied to various industrial and factory use in Mumbai and Pune.

The major features of Enertech LED tube lights are as follows

  • The LED lights famous for more homogenous light output have the light emission divided over multiple PowerLEDs.
  • They also have passive control circuitry that provides high reliability of driver and no SMPS circuitry involved
  • These LED lights have rotating end caps are allowed for angling light output as desired.
  • The light output is similar to that of standard 4 inch fluorescent lights
  • The LED tube lights contribute to the power factor improvement
  • As the LED lights need high reliability and long life large chip power LED construction provided for efficient thermal management of the LED chip.
  • These lights provide low initial capital investment.
  • Applications

  • Corridors
  • Parking & Basement
  • Offices
  • Common area lighting
  • Security cabins
  • The LED tube lights prove economical and useful for areas like corridors, offices, common area lighting, parking and basement, security cabins and so on.
    • Power consumption: 14-15 watts nominal; Current Rating: 100mA
    • Power factor: Leading
    • Typical lumen output: 2600 utilised Scotopic source lumens
    • Colour Temperature: Cool White 6500°K; Colour Rendering Index: 75 (Also available in Warm White 2700-3500°K)
    • Dimensions: Physical dimensions are similar to a standard T-8 fluorescent tube light
    • Warranty: 3 years (estimated life +10 years)
    • Saves 70% energy
    • Long Life upto 1,00,000 hours
    • Better, Clearer, Spectrally Enhanced Light
    • Full spectrum white light provides greater clarity and visual acuity
    • High colour rendering improves visibility and safety
    • Smooth and even light distribution
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