Online UPS; Model - HF


Online UPS: Model - HF

Our HF range of Online UPS Consists of New Generation Microprocessor based High Frequency Double Conversation. Technology. The Double Conversation Technique is able to support the connected equipments with continuous power supply

The Key Electrical appliances will not be affected by unstable grid conditions, Power failure, Frequency variation, Harmonic distortion and other abnormalities

Whenever the Grid / Mains supply fails or restores, there will be unnoticeable transfer time, hence the connected equipment will run uninterruptedly.

Its Input Power factor correction , the Power Factor could reach up to 0.9 at full load thus excellent power quality is ensured.

  • Double conversion online UPS
  • Input power factor near unity
  • Low input current distortion
  • Active power factor correction
  • High efficiency
  • Inbuilt galvanic isolation transformer
  • Advanced network connectivity
  • IGBT based design

Optional Features

  • Connectivity
  • Redundant UPS for 24x7 operation (hot standby and load sharing)
  • Harmonic filter at UPS input (Active / Passive)
  • MODBUS connectivity

Application areas

  • Servers, Data centers, Industrial Automation, 24x7 operations
Rating 1KVA 2KVA 3KVA
DC Voltage 36V 72V/96V 72V/96V
Technology Intelligent UPS, USING IGBT Technology
Latest Design Microcomputer-Chip based PWM Technology
Switching Frequency High Frequency Design ensures :Low Switching Losses

Purity of Sine-Wave

Ultra-fast Transient Response

Very Low Noise

Wide Input Range 160V - 260V AC (Three phase)

45 – 55 Hz

Accurate Output 230 V AC ± 1.0 % (Single Phase)

50 Hz ± 0.1% (Crystal Controlled)

Output Power Factor Duty 0.8 lagging to unity continuous
Transient Response For 100% step load change output stays within ± 5% and recovers within 5 milliseconds
For 50% step load change output stays within +/- 3% of nominal voltage and recover within 5 milliseconds
Metering On-board Programmable LED/LCD Panel Meter to display following parameters :

Output Voltage

Input Voltage

Battery Voltage

Backup %

Output Frequency

Input Frequency

Various conditions/Parameter of UPS Power

Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Distortion Total Harmonic Distortion less than 2% for linear load.

Total Harmonic Distortion less than 5% for non-linear load

Overload Rating 100 % Continuous125% for 5 mts
Operating Temperature 0 to 50ºC. 95 % R.H. (Maximum)

Our UPS has passed Environmental – Test From Defense

Laboratory of R&DE (Engineers), Dighi, Pune

Inverter Efficiency Better than 80 %
Transfer Time Zero
Genset Compatibility UPS System is fully Compatible to any type of Genset
Protections Output Over-Voltage

Output Overload. The same shall be effective only for the normal continuous operation. (above 150%)

Output Short Circuit

Battery Under – Voltage

Forced Air-cooling to protect electronic other components

Indications Mains/Charger ON

Inverter ON

System Over-load

Battery Under-Voltage

Output Under/Over Voltage

Alarms Mains Fail (Musical Alarm) (Auto reset)

Battery Low Warning (Musical Alarm)

Low Noise Less than or equal to 45 db (a) (standard) at 1.0 mtr. Above
Battery Charger Charger is designed on Float Boost (CCCV) Principle to keep batteries in top condition.

Uses High Frequency design to ensure long battery life..


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