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Lift Inverter 5-100KVA


EnerTech: Lift Inverter

Cutting Edge Features:
Range Upto 300KVA
Phase 3ph Bi-directional Inverters
Display 32 bit DSP based design
VDC models Low VDC models upto 96V/120V available
Overloading Overloading of 200% to handle surge currents
Operation Interactive with Lift panels to command start/stop operation
Synchronization Sync with lift panel to use higher rating Inverter for multiple lifts
Emergency Mode Command to operate for emergency landing
Power saving Option to operate on solar power

Increased power shortage and shutdown has made lift Inverters an essential factor at every place including offices, multi-storied building, manufacturing plants, shopping malls and so on.

Enertech Group based in India offers highly reliable lift Inverters ensuring emergency rescue device for lifts usage in spite of electricity failure. The system always remains alerted to sense a power failure and starts automatically without requiring a manual start. Enertech Group a leading lift inverter suppliers in India has user-friendly, compact in size and can be tailor made to suit particular sites.

Enertech Lift Inverter has high capacity power generation systems that are capable of running lift/elevators, 3 phase operated critical CNC machines and many more 3 phase high power applications. When the electricity is available the Lift is directly connected to main power and only a small portion of the main supply is used for charging the storage batteries.

In the event of an electricity failure, the lift inverter automatically senses the power failure and generates AC power from the batteries. This is carried out within few seconds ensuring that the lift remains without power for a few seconds only. Once the main supply is resumed, the lift is switched over to it. This cycle continues again during the next power failure. The battery bank has the capacity to stand up to 8 to 10 Hours. The common lighting load such as a staircase, parking can also be connected to the system.

Enertech lift inverter in India is 100% eco-friendly and completely pollution free as they do not emit harmful smoke or gas that affect the environment. Enertech Lift UPS in India is highly reliable, do not generate noise and can be custom created as per the rules and regulations, making it a preferred backup product. Many other names like emergency rescue device are products that do the same function only to stop the elevator at immediate next floor and opening the doors. This is also a major requirement in many parts of India, UAE and other African countries.

Enertech Lift Inverter, highly reliable alternative for power generation in industries and domestic apartments have precise output voltage, a better sine waveform, and accurate frequency. This lift inverters in India is a specially designed unit which is very consistent, flexible and easily adaptable. Enertech offers lift UPS Systems in various models and capacities for different applications. Enertech is the premier suppliers of lift UPS in India.

The main features of Enertech Lift Inverter are:-

  • Microcontroller based design.
  • Has PFC battery charger to save electricity up to 50%.
  • Has more than 85% of inverter efficiency.
  • Has less maintenance and eco-friendly as pollution free.
  • Different models available in single phase and three phase.
  • Have alarms for easy identification and LCD display for all parameters.
  • It has a single card controlled system.
  • IGBT based design with the complete automatic changeover.
  • Strategy×.
  • Distinctive Features.
  • Change over.
  • Galvanic Isolation.
  • Double conversion.
  • Priority Selection.
  • 1KVA to 150 KVA /1Ph or 3 Ph.
  • Customizable as per requirement.
  • Suitable for all types of loads.
  • Selectable priority SBG/SGB.
  • In-depth Metering.
  • GFM levels are selectable 0/25/50/75/100.
  • Unity power Factor for grid charging.
  • Optional Touchscreen.


  • Passenger lifts.
  • Elevators & Escalators.
  • Treadmills used in the gym.
  • Medical applications.
  • CNC machines.
  • Robotic arms.



Input Voltage 30V /415V AC (+/- 15%)
Input Frequency 50 Hz (+/- 5%)
Output Frequency 50 Hz (+/- 0.5%)
Output Voltage 415V AC (+/- 3%)
Load power Factor 0.8 to 1 lagging
Inverter Efficiency > 90%
Output Wave form Pure Sine Wave
Harmonic Distortion Less than 3% with linear load
Overload <105% continuous 105% to 200% for 30 Sec. >200% Inverter Trips
Battery Voltage 72V/96V/120V/180V/240V/360V DC
Indications Mains ON, Inverter ON, Battery Low, Overload, Battery Bar graph, Load Bar Graph
Audible Alarm Mains Fail @15 sec Battery Low pre-alarm at 80% of discharge
Protections Input single phasing / Phasing Reversal, Battery over / under voltage, output Over/ Under voltage, Output Overload, Output short circuit
Meter provided Output voltage /Microprocessor based Digital LCD metering for multiple parameters
Changeover Electro-mechanical / Static Switch
Backup time 10 min to 10 Hours
Operating Temperature 0 deg C to 50 deg C
Humidity Max 95%, Non-condensing
Acoustic Noise Less than 45 dB at 1 Meter

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