Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit); Model - Sunmagic

Solar Bidirectional PCU

With electricity getting expensive and other power sources disappearing due to over use, solar power proves to be the right option that can provide electricity for household as well as commercial premises purposes without worrying about the increased electricity bill. With bidirectional solar inverters you can achieve this and be your own electricity provider. Enertech UPS – the leading name among MPPT Solar grid feed PCU manufacturers offers its range of bidirectional solar inverter to choose from.

Enertech bidirectional solar inverter SunMagic model uses special MPPT based charger to boost maximum energy from PV modules to charge batteries and also supply to the load at the same time. Enertech being an indigenous MPPT solar bidirectional inverter manufacturer uses advanced DSP based technology to be able to share solar power with battery power to produce the required output to drive load. Battery discharge capacity can be configured using a buffer backup technology. In case of weak batteries output of the solar grid feed pcu is kept constant with another unique feature of mains sharing. The MPPT charger rating is designed to a capacity of delivering current to load as well as charging batteries. The bidirectional solar inverter is capable to provide priority charging and also provide buffer backup in battery in case of unavailability of mains supply.

Being a bidirectional solar inverter under the condition of battery low the grid charger becomes active which drives the load and also charges the batteries to a preset level so that in the morning when solar energy resumes, further charging is done by using the renewable energy option. Enertech bidirectional solar inverter offers a PF of more than 0.95. SunMagic also called as solar grid feed inverter delivers power back into the grid in cases of load not absent and battery full. The solar grid feed inverter is utilized for net-metering facility to earn incentives based on government policies.

Solar PCU for netmetering can benefit many industries, offices and regular house hold users to sell power at differential rate governed under local authority. Netmetering is concept implemented to promote use of solar power which acts as a solar generator and a source to earn revenue.

Manufactured as per ISO guidelines, these solutions come with protection against overload, short circuit and reverse polarity for the battery. All these indications are provided on a user friendly LCD screen.

In case the solar power is not sufficient to charge batteries, additional power from grid is derived to maintain charging levels of battery. Once the battery is fully charged the load is automatically shifted on Inverter and this is one of the top reasons why Enertech is being the preferred choice amongst all MPPT solar inverter manufacturers.

All our systems come with an inbuilt isolation transformer making it extremely rugged to face critical environmental conditions. Enertech is one of the few solar off grid inverter manufacturers which have been accredited by IEC-61683 for efficiency test and IEC-60068 for environmental tests. Our products are also approved by MNRE.

Enertech an indigenous mppt solar bidirectional inverter manufacturer has its service setup throughout India with offices in major cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai,Cochin, Delhi, Coimbatore, Vizag, Bhopal & Ahmedabad etc.

The company also exports power solutions to several African, UAE and Asian countries.

  • True bi-directional Inverter/solar PCU
  • Hybrid Inverter (Grid/Solar/Batt)
  • Single phase i/p , single phase o/p
  • Range 3KVA to 20KVA
  • MPPT based Solar Charger
  • Generator compatible
  • Modes available are SGB/GSB/SBG/GFM /INV(selectable)
  • SBG Modes with Buffer level selection facility 25/50/75
  • Grid FEED Function/Mode (GFM) Available
  • GFM Feeds power to grid when grid available, feeds power to load when grid fails
  • GFM levels are selectable 0/25/50/75/100
  • Changeover time less than <20ms
  • Input power factor for grid charging – near to unity
  • Zero loss on bypass mode/ grid mode
  • Auto bypass and manual bypass
  • Optional RS232 & GSM monitoring
  • Solar KW and KWH Meter
  • Fault logs
  • Optional I/P Terminal Wind
  • Auto fault reset for non critical faults


    Grid Voltage Sync Range

    170V to 260V (±5V)

    Grid Frequency Sync Range

    50Hz ± 6%

    Charger Peak Efficiency

    Higher Than 90%

    Max Grid Import Power Capacity

    Double of Inveter capacity dependent on battery charging current

    Max Batt Amp(Charging)

    5A to 20A selectable

    Self Consumption

    Lower Than 4%

    Recommended DG/GRID Capacity

    Double of Inverter Capacity


    Controller Type  DSP

    Charge Controller Type


    Charger Topology


    Max PV Connection Capacity


    2KWP 3KWP 5KWP 6KWP 8KWP 10KWP 12.5KWP 15KWP

    No of MPPT Channels


    Per Channel PV Capacity (Nominal/Peak)

     1KWP 2KWP 3KWP 5KWP 6KWP 8KWP 10KWP 12.5KWP 15KWP

    Max Open Circuit PV Volts (Voc)


    150V 250V 250V 250V 300V 300V 300V 300V

    MPPT Voltage Range



    130-200V 130-200V 130-200V 165-250V 165-250V 165-250V 165-250V

    Minimum PV Voltage


    65V 130V 130V 130V 165V 165V 165V 165V
    Max I/P Amps Per Channel  21A 41A 31A 52A 62A 66A 83A 104A 125A
    Max Battery Amps during PV Charging

    Full Capacity in Boost Mode / Current Control in Float Mode as per Battery AH

    Battery Type Supported

    LMLA, VRLA, SMF, Ni-Cd: Charging Profile can be configured as per the battery requirement

    Peak Charging Efficiency

    Higher than 94% Upto 98%




    Switching Element


    Nominal Battery Voltage VDC


    48 96 96 96 120 120 120 120
    No. of Phases or Connection Type  1Ph, 3 Wire-LINE
    Nominal Output Voltage

    230V AC ±2V

    Output Frequency 50Hz ±0.5%
    Continuos Output Power 800WP 1600WP 2400WP 4000WP 4800WP 6400WP 8000WP 10000WP 12000WP
    Output Amp  3.5 7 10.5 17 21 28 35 43.5 52
    Voltage Regulation (Stand Alone) ±2%
    Frequency Regulation (Stand Alone) ±0.5Hz
    THD  THD Less Than 4%
    Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
    Galvanic Isolation

    Inbuilt Isolation Transformer at Inverter Output

    Output Power Factor

    0.8 Lagging

    Peak Efficiency

    Higher Than 75%

    Higher Than 94%
    Overload Capacity

    125% FOR 60 Sec, 150% FOR 50 Sec / Can be customized

    DG Compatibility Available
    Auto bypass feature  Available

    Grid Export Mode

    Available, Enable/Disable options available

    Anti Islanding Function

    Available in Compliance with IEC 62116

    Compatible IEC Standards IEC - 61683:1999 - As per MNRE Requirement
    Modes Available 3:Hybrid, Grid Export, Stand Alone
    Battery Buffer Setting Selectable from 25%,50%,75%

    MPPT Modes

    LED Grid On, PV On, Grid Charger On,, Load On Grid, Load On Battery , Fault

    LCD Display Parameters

    Load Status

    Load on Batt

    Grid CHRG

    Grid Sharing

    INPUT Grip







    O/P Grip




    Solar GRP

    PV Vol Curr

    PV Power

    PV Energy

    Batt GRP

    Voltage Status

    Current CH

    Current DISC

    Dash Board

    Input KW

    Output KW

    Solar KW


    Recent 6 fault

    since last reset


    Audible for Fault and Warnings

    PV Reverse Polarity Indication, optional- Surge Protection
    Battery Over/ Under Voltage, Over Charge , Optional - Reverse Polarity ,Over Temp
    Grid Over/ under Voltage, Over/ Under Frequency, Optional - Surge Protection
    Load Overloads, Short Circuit
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