Solar Off Grid Inverter; Model - ZEN

Solar Off Grid Inverter

With electricity getting expensive and other power sources disappearing due to over use, solar power proves to be the right option that can provide electricity for household as well as commercial premises purposes without worrying about the increased electricity bill. With solar off grid Inverter you can achieve this and be your own electricity provider.

This machine makes the use of sunlight with which the batteries can generate and store electricity for later uses. A Solar off Grid Inverter can convert Direct Current (DC) energy from the batteries to Alternating Current (AC) which can power the electric appliances. Enertech India one of the leading mppt solar inverter manufacturers offers solar off grid inverters to provide conditioned AC power to its customers. The built in MPPT based designed solar charge controller helps in regularizing the power flow.

The Solar PCU (power conditioning Unit) is the heart of any solar power system and its main function is to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Enertech solar off grid inverters pcu offers solar charger which has a efficiency of more than 95%. Manufactured as per ISO guidelines, these solutions come with protection against overload, short circuit and reverse grid for the inverter.

Many MPPT solar inverter manufacturers in Mumbai and Pune, have been offering the solar off grid inverters which are in great demand with the increasing scarcity of electricity. Enertech offers solar off grid inverters and pcu options for battery charging with unique topology of solar charging having priority only in case of battery discharged to a predetermined level. This feature is provided to utilize solar energy and minimize electricity bills. Our solar off grid inverter machines come with an auto DUSK ON facility to utilize maximum energy from solar panel. They have more than 90% efficiency, are easy to install and prove cost effective solutions for catering to increased power needs. Solar off grid inverter comes with single phase and three phase. MPPT solar inverter manufacturers offer single phase solar inverter that comes in the range of 500 watts to 2KW.

Being a leading MPPT solar inverter Enertech UPS provides AMC(Annual Maintanance Contract) and repairing services since more than 20 years.

The MPPT solar inverter manufacturers provide bi directional solar inverters/pcu having features like

  • Design based on MTTP (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Power quality is audited through specially designed software
  • They have digital and graphical representation of parameters
  • Solar off grid inverters are preferred for pure sine wave output with low total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • Battery pole reversal protection & battery deep discharge protection
  • Bi directional solar inverters/pcu have PWM technology based mains grid charger and inverter.
  • The machines are equipped with scheduled shutdown and pulse by pulse current limiting with audio reset resulting in efficient overload and short circuit protection
  • Highly efficient solutions equipped with reliable with SMS and email alerts
  • Noiseless operation
  • RATING 500 VA 1 KVA 2KVA
    DC VOLTAGE 24 OR 48V DC 48 VDC 96 VDC
    I/P RANGE 20V - 30V DC 40V DC - 60V DC 80V - 115V DC
    DC AC EFF  >90&

    I/P DC volt; O/p volt AC; O/P Current; O/p frequency; Dc current

    INDICATION DC ON; DC Under; DC Over; Overload; Load on mains; Mains charger on
    PROTECTION Battery low/dc under; Dc over; Over load/short circuit;

    Manual c/o to mains charger incase of solar not available;

    I/P reverse polarity blocking diode

    FEATURES In built high frequency SMPS type MPPT charger;  In built galvanic isolation; MPPT eff --93%
    SWITCH GEARS a) I/P MCB for solar, Battery, MPPT;

    b) O/P MCB for AC

    FUSES Fuse protection at dc and ac side
    IEC / BIS Product Meets IEC/BIS Standards
    ENERGY METER (OPTIONAL) For Solar energy
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