Pump Controller-FALCON

Rating : 1HP-20HP

Rising draught situations and inaccessibility to power have been one of the predominant challenges for rural economic progress in the country. Addressing this scenario, the nation has also acted upon concrete developmental plans of promoting solar water pump systems for the betterment of farmer’s life.

Solar water pumps are poised to play a tremendous role in rural development especially in the areas suffering from accessibility of energy.

At Enertech UPS we have meticulously developed a Solar Pump Controller in line with the existing AC Pump market in India. As a unique working model; our Drive controller can give you numerous advantages. This is a direct solution that we offer for a conventional 3phase AC motor pump which has many advantages over the existing DC Solar Pump solutions.

The inbuilt MPPT module will drive the VFD to produce voltage such that pump will rotate based on radiation from solar panels. The solar water pump controller works on any standard AC pump which saves tremendous cost in replacing it with DC pump.

Overall efficiency of solar pump inverter is more than 90% which automatically saves huge cost in operating the motor on grid supply

Enertech a leading name of solar pump manufacturer have product which can be monitored remotely via Ethernet / GSM option. The facility enables to measure solar power generation capacity and maintenance analysis.

  • Field Oriented Vector control Inverter with “Built in” ‘Smart Logic’ to control the motor to be operated from Solar Panels, together with Auto Start, Auto Restart, Dry Run Protection and Restart, On‐Off Programmable timer function ‐ as a single composite unit.
  • “Built in” EMC Filter and Toroidal DC Choke.
  • DC Voltage range : 580 ‐ 630 VDC.
  • This solution will work only with conventional modules.
  • Suitable for any AC Motor pump of 400 VAC, 3 Phase, 50Hz +/‐2 Hz.
  • Models available up to 18.5KW (Higher Power solutions are available up to 1MW).
  • Suitable for 45 Deg C Ambient.
  • 110% overload for 60 sec.
  • Speed regulation of 1:100.
  • Suitable for output cable lengths up to 100 meters.
  • There is also a provision of switching the pump from solar power to grid power at night or when required. This can be simply followed up by use of a change over switch.
    RATING 1HP 2HP 3HP 5HP 7.5HP 10HP 15HP 20HP
    Input Array of PV Panel Number of PV panels in series of suitable wattages such that Vmp should be

    within range of 510-580V and Voc does not exceed 750V OR

    3 Phase 415V AC Supply from grid (if wish to run in solar preferential logic or without solar)

    Total Panel Wattage Wp 1000W 2000W 3000W 5000W 7500W 10000W 15000W 20000W
    Max PV Volt (Voc) 750V
    MPPT Range (Vmp) 510V-580V
    DC Energy Meter To read PV voltage, current & power (Power generated by PV panels)
    Output Suitable to 3 Phase 415V AC motor
    Protections Lightning(MOV) Over Load
    Panel Reverse Polarity Over Load
    Short Circuit nbsp;
    Operating Temperature 0-50 DEG C
    Enclosure MS Powder Coated box
    Dimensions 500mm(W) X 300mm(D) X 500 mm(H)
    Weight 15 Kg 20 Kg 20 Kg 30 Kg 40Kg 45 Kg 60 Kg 70 Kg
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