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SMPS Battery Charger


SMPS Battery Charger

Cutting Edge Features:



Range 12V/24V/110V
Phase 1 Phase OR 3 PHASE
Operation LCD display for easy recording & accuracy
Current 10A to 100A

Enertech UPS Company is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of SMPS battery chargers in India. Enertech products are ISO certified.

Building on more than 30 years of R&D department’s experience in designing and supplying SMPS battery chargers, SMPS technology has been developed to offer several advantages over traditional SCR-controlled technology such as redundancy, modular construction, efficiency and current harmonics of low input and high input line power factor.

The amazing monitoring and control unit continuously monitors the input supply as well as the DC voltage and current of the battery path and provides a suitable command for all units running in parallel.

The Enertech SMPS Battery Charger aims to put power into secondary cells or rechargeable batteries efficiently. Operating other devices is very easy, due to its user-friendly design and compact structure. You can take it to any part of your industry and install it.

It includes switching regulators that help you convert electrical energy at a very high frequency. The charger handles high variation of input voltages very well. Also, the output voltage is well regulated against load and line variations.

This SMPS based battery charger is capable of providing constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) charging.

  • Modular design
  • Efficiency greater than 75%
  • Rectified and smooth output
  • Ability to charge tubular and lithium-ion batteries SMF (VRLA), Ni-Cd
  • Can handle high voltage fluctuations
  • Automatic Float / Boost Changeover
  • Constant current / constant voltage battery charging
  • VRLA / Lead Acid / Ni-Cd Battery Output Voltage Settings
  • Temp compensation for VRLA Battery
  • Battery Health Monitoring
  • Dropper Diode Selection
  • Lightning and surge protection at rack level.
  • Each SMPS Module strictly meets following technical parameters.

Application for:

  • Railway utilities
  • Process industries
  • DG set batteries
  • Telecom/Infocom power supply
  • Battery manufacturing industries
  • Power stations or power plants
  • Transmitting and distributing stations

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