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Enertech UPS Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Solar PCU, Solar inverters, Online UPS and many other solar and power products. Recently we made a breakthrough and created a smart MPPT based Bidirectional Solar Hybrid PCU - Sunmagic+. This new hybrid pcu is an extension of our previous and smaller version of PCU named sunmagic. This new PCU is basically 3 phase and can handle a load of around 10KW - 100KW.

The name hybrid suggests that this unit can run on either solar, battery or grid power. Sunmagic+ Solar Hybrid PCU is not only bidirectional and hybrid in nature but also it is also a smart power conditioning unit. The feature that makes this product smart is that it contains two different and dedicated controllers for seperate operations in the unit. This reduces the load and time for the processor in the unit to function.

Enertech UPS being an experienced and reliable manufacturer of Solar PCU since years have brought this new smart and hybrid solar pcu to meet requirements of our customers in India and around the world. This solar product can fulfill the needs and requirements of a lot of businesses, industries, residences etc. who are looking for a smart solution for their power related problems.

  • Bidirectional solar PCU
  • Hybrid inverter (Solar/ Grid/BATT)
  • Vector Modulated Inverter Control
  • Multiple DSP control operation
  • Range 10KW to 100KW
  • Battery Less operation compatible
  • Paralleling Compatibility
  • MPPT Based Solar Charger -2 modes of operations
  • Higher Capacity PV connection option available
  • Multi Mode function: SGB/ SBG/GFM (selectable)
  • SBG Modes with Buffer level selection facility 25/50/75
  • GFM FEED mode feeds power to grid when grid available, feeds power to load when grid fails.
  • GFM levels are selectable 0/25/50/75/100
  • Unity power Factor for grid charging
  • Adjustable Grid Charging Current
  • Vthd <3%
  • Changeover time less than 20ms
  • 40 X 4 LCD with backlight & Tactile Kay Pad Interface
  • Detailed Metering: Solar KW , Solar KWH.
  • Fault logs : 9 recent faults
  • Auto fault reset for non critical faults
  • Optional Input : Pyranometer , Wind speed, Battery Temperature, Heat sink Temperature
  • Advanced Battery Management Feature
  • Temperature Compensated Charging
  • Generator compatible
  • Communication Port: RS232
  • GSM Based Remote Monitoring option
    INVERTER 10KW 15KW 20KW 25KW 30KW 40KW 50KW 60KW 80KW to 100KW
    Grid Voltage Sync Range         330V to 450V (±5)
    Grid Frequency Sync Range 50Hz ± 6%
    Charger Peak Efficiency >90%
    Max Grid Import Power Capacity Double of inverter capacity dependent on battery charging current
    Max Batt Amp (Charging) 5 A to 200 A subjected to battery capacity and inverter rating
    Self Consumption <4%
    Recommended DG/GRID Capacity Double of Inverter Capacity
    Controller Type DSP
    Charge Controller Type MPPT
    Charger Topology BUCK
    Max PV Connection Capacity 10 KWP 15 KWP 20 KWP 25 KWP 30 KWP 40 KWP 50KWP 60 KWP 80 KW to 100 KW
    Number of MPPT Channels 1
    Per Channel PV Capacity(Nominal/Peak) 10 KWP 15 KWP 20 KWP 25 KWP 30 KWP 40 KWP 50KWP 60 KWP 80 KWP to 100 KWP
    Max Open circuit PV Volts (Voc)  300V 500V 500V 500V 500V 700V 700V 700V 700V
    MPPT Voltage Range 165V – 250V 290V – 400V 290V – 400V 290V – 400V 290V – 400V 450V – 600V 450V – 600V 450V – 600V 450V – 600V
    Minimum PV Voltage 165V 290V 290V 290V 290V 450V 450V 450V 450V
    Max I/P Amps per channel 83 A 63 A 83 A 104 A 125 A 110 A 138A 165 A 220 A – 275 A
    Max Battery Amps during PV charging Full Capacity in Boost mode / Current control in Float mode as per battery AH
    Battery Type Supported LMLA, VRLA, SMF, Ni-Cd: Charging profile can be configured as per the battery requirements
    Peak Charging Efficiency >94% Upto 98%
    Controller DSP
    Switching Element IGBT
    Nominal Battery Voltage VDC 120 240 240 240 240 360 360 360 360
    No of Phases or Connection Type 3 PH, 4 wire- RYBN
    Nominal Output Voltage 400V AC ±2%
    Output Frequency 500Hz ±0.5%
    Continuous Output power 10 KWP 15 KWP 20 KWP 25 KWP 30 KWP 40 KWP 50KWP 60 KWP 80 KWP to 100 KWP
    Output Amp in each Phase 14.5 21 28 36 43 58 72 87 116 to 145
    Voltage Regulation (Stand Alone) ±2%
    Frequency regulation (Stand Alone) ±0.5Hz
    THD V THD <3% | I THD <10%
    Out Put Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    Galvanic Isolation In built Isolation Transformer at Inverter Output
    Output Power Factor 1.0 to 0.6 Lagging
    Peak Efficiency (Full Load) >94%
    Overload capacity 125% FOR 60 SEC, 150% FOR 5 SEC / Can be customized
    Allowable Phase Imbalance 30%
    DG Compatibility Available
    Auto Bypass feature Available
    Grid Export Mode Available, Enable/Disable Options available
    Anti Islanding Function Available, In Compliance with IEC 62116
    Compatible IEC standards IEC -61683:1999- As per MNRE Requirement
    Modes Available 3: Hybrid , Grid Export, Stand Alone
    Battery Buffer Setting Selectable from 25%,50%,75%
    MPPT Modes 2
    LED Grid On, PV On, Grid Charger On, Load On Inverter, Load On Mains, Bypass, Fault
    LCD Display Parameters

    Date, Time, Total Up Time, Total Down Time,


    Current Up Time, Current Down Time,


    Current Status










    Power W


    Power VA


    Import KWH


    Export KWH



    DG GRP



    Power W

    Power VA


    Run Hr



    O/P GRP






    Power W

    Power VA







    Power GRP


    Total I/P KW,KVA

    Total O/P KW,KVA

    Input PF


    Output PF





    Invert GRP








    Power KW


    Power VA



    Solar GRP



    PV Vol, Curr

    PV Power


    PV Energy


    Panel Temp





    Batt GRP





    I/P KWH


    O/P KWH


    Batt Temp


    Batt %






    Recent 9 fault since last reset

    Alarm Audible For Fault And Warnings
    PV Reverse Polarity Indication , Reverse Polarity Indication , Surge Protection
    Battery Reverse Polarity Over/ Under Voltage, Over Temp, Over Charge
    Grid Over/ under Voltage, Over/ Under Frequency, Surge Protection
    Load Overloads, Short circuit
    Circuit Breakers Grid Input MCB/MCCB, Battery Input MCB/MCCB, PV Input MCB/MCCB, Load Rotary Switch
    Temperature Inverter Over Temperature
    Degree of Protection IP 20 Compatible to IEC 60529:2001-02- As per MNRE Requirement
    Cooling Temperature Dependent Forced Cooling
    Noise <50dB
    Color Siemens Grey/Blue
    Termination Bottom
    Temperature Range (Operating) 0 to 50°C
    Temperature Range (Storage) -10 to 50°C
    Altitude (max) 1000 m
    Humidity 0-95% NON Condensing
    Compatible IEC standards IEC- 60068-2-1, IEC-60068-2-2, IEC-60068-2-14, IEC-60068-2-30- As per MNRE Requirement
    Connectivity RS-232/GSM
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