We, at ENERTECH believe in our customers. We have our culture to treat our customers as our business partners. We will strive to work with our customers for achieving their goal in managing energy crises.

We believe in open source technology. Our holistic knowledge of solar technology and our ability to impart same to our customers will make us stand out from the crowd.

Our strong manufacturing processes with Kizen & root cause analysis have enabled us in generating concrete module for training our customers.

We undertake training of our existing & new customers; their service / technical representatives at our factory premises to make them acquainted with the latest technology developments in our products, site preparation , project site operation and maintenance & simple but effective trouble shooting techniques.

Use of plenty of training material, latest audio visual tools, personal interaction with our experts & hands on training on live products makes them to easily grasp and recall the knowledge.

Several of our existing and new customers have taken advantages of the training and are enjoying the benefits of it.


This program is aimed at training candidates for the entrepreneurship in solar industry and aims at building the following key competencies amongst the learner.

Training Outcomes :

  • Start /boost business in solar
  • Carry out the site survey for installation of solar PV system .
  • Understand which system will be suitable for particular site.
  • Plan and install the Electrical components of a Solar PV system.
  • Check all equipments, parts &instruments with safety
  • New trends in industry.

Points to be discussed :

  • Power of Business and Renewable Energy
  • Dive into real Business Challenges
  • Opportunities in Solar PV
  • Basics Of Solar PV Brief about Solar Photovoltaic Systems and components.
  • Different types of application based systems.
  • Selection of types of application based systems
  • Selection of Particular System
  • Site Survey for Installation of solar PV
  • Designing Principals of Solar System
  • Installation Guidelines
  • Protection devices used or basically ignored which can increase efficiency return over investment calculations.
  • Practical demonstration of all product ( Off grid Inverters , On grid Inverters ,Pump Controllers ,MPPT Charge Controllers )
  • Onsite Grid Tie System Projection
  • Ideas to Implementation

Faculty Details :

Mr. V.K Deshpande, B.E – College of Engg. Pune M.B.A., - Poona University,

He is having wide experience in field of R&D Production, Quality Control and Marketing, Finanace and Computerisation. The organization Specializes in offering cost effective Solution to Various power –related problems. For last five Years, consistent growth in domestic and export markets has increased the company’s turn over every year. The company continues its growth through more
value – added products. Its present.

List of products include:

  • True - On-Line UPS System
  • Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers
  • Float Cum Boost chargers
  • Wind Mill Chargers
  • Frequency Converter
  • Solar Power Condoning Unit
  • MPPT Charge controller

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